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Industrial Coatings for Cooling Tower Concrete Basin

ECO 5000 Water Proof Membrane

Lava-Liner Ltd. polymer technology has a eighteen year history in demanding coatings applications like liquid containment, cooling towers, and bridge cables.

ULTRA-FLEX™ two-part polyurethane, flexible epoxy, and urethane/acrylic coatings provide superior performance in waterproofing, potable and wastewater containment, liquid/chemical containment, roofing and decks, and structural metal and industrial equipment protection.  A class-A fire-rated, urethane coating is now also available.

ULTRA-FLEX™ surface preparation products are specifically designed as pre-treatments for steel, concrete, thermoplastics, and other materials. 

Together with ULTRA-FLEX™ coatings they form “coatings systems” that provide a level of uniform protection and durability that stand-alone coatings can not. Lava-Liner Ltd. will soon also offer an environmentally friendly coating for demanding marine applications.

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Lava Liner's New ECO 5000

ECO Friendly Formula Water Proof Membrane!

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