November 19, 2016



EvapLiner is ECO friendly and can aid in obtaining LEED certification on new construction.  Due to its combination of urethanes and precursors, the improved  EvapLiner FRA is Class A Fire Rated and highly resistant to the growth of common bacteria and fungi found in cooling tower environments.  EvapLiner FRA will kill >99% of Legionella on contact will work equally as well and is resistant to the growth of pseudomonads.   The coating has been tested by independent third party laboratories and found to exceed the standards of DIN ISO 846 and individual ASTM standards reflecting its efficacy against bacteria and fungi as well as being a waterproof, Class A Fireproof, anti-corrosion protective coating.  EvapLiner FRA has the exact characteristics of Ultra-Flex FRA.

History of EvapLiner FRA  In 2000 Lava-Liner, Ltd began manufacturing and selling EvapLiner (Evaporative Liner) to distinguish it from its other product lines to direct marketing toward  application in the cooling tower and HVAC industry reserving it’s Ultra-Flex brand for the industrial and architectural industries. An oral agreement was reached with Evapco, Inc. to limit distribution of EvapLiner through them, exclusively, as long as Evapco purchased EvapLiner from Lava-Liner.  In 2006, Lava-Liner developed the first and revolutionary asphaltic urethane that was able to meet a Class A Fire Rating and in the spirit of their agreement, began to sell that improved product exclusively through Evapco.   In 2014, Evapco notified Lava-Liner that it was seeking to source coatings from other manufacturers and that they would no longer be purchasing from Lava-Liner.  Lava-Liner at that point terminated its arrangement with Evapco and opened the market for its Class A Fire Rated coating to the cooling tower industry.   EvapLiner FRA has become one of the leading coating products for evaporative tower surfaces and water features due to unique properties not found in any other coating.  Lava-Liner continues to manufacture the “Original” EvapLiner and “Original” EvapLiner FRA.  EvapLiner FRA is reserved to only preapproved professionals. For Additional information, please contact us using the request form below.

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